One of the key points of my blog is to take time to appreciate something I am thankful for each day.  Today’s is still in that vein, but in a different type of way.  Yesterday was pretty much a perfect day – so much so that it brought many smiles throughout the day today.

When I woke up this morning and stretched I could feel the tightness in my legs from our bike ride yesterday.  We took the boys on a 17 mile ride yesterday morning, dropped them off at home, and then went out for another 8 miles…  the longest we’ve done.  It was awesome!  The stiffness in my legs reminded me of how much I enjoyed the active time with my family and the one on one time with Becky.

As I got ready for work I wasn’t nearly as hungry as I normally would be for breakfast.  The fullness I felt made me grin as I remembered the boys making supper for us last night, “Chopped” style.  Becky and I had picked up baskets for each of them.  Gavin got the appetizer basket with bacon, cheese sticks, slider buns, peanuts, and Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce.  Dominic’s basket contained chicken breast, rice noodles, shallots, wasabi soy almonds, peanut sauce, and Korean barbecue sauce.  They both went to work and made a delicious meal for all of us.  Seriously, I’d have ordered either one of them if they were on the menu somewhere – outstanding!!!  Afterwards they cleaned up the dishes.  It was so much fun watching them experiment, create, and have fun doing so.



Thinking about the boys’ cooking also reminded me of shopping with Becky yesterday.  It’s funny, but I actually really enjoy doing some of the really basic routine things we do together.  The tasks may be mundane, but it’s a time for us to connect and joke around.  I’m thankful for those moments every single day.

After I was ready I headed out to the garage and had more fun flashbacks.  This time it was thinking about the boys playing with sparklers and snap pops in the garage yesterday.  Yes, they are the most basic and dorky of all fireworks, but we all had a ton of fun with them.  Between seeing who could run furthest before it went out and experimenting with taking the crust off of several to light in one blazing moment of glory there were squeals of delight everywhere (and only a couple of burns).  It was so much fun to be in full on play mode with the family.

When I checked my phone before heading out of the garage I saw a couple of texts and it brought more smiles.  Throughout the day I’d texted several of my closest friends on more than a few occasions yesterday, all focused on planning times to get together.  We had fun, caught up a little, and gave each other a hard time – it was awesome!

The texts reminded me of talking with my brother and my mom at various points in the day.  Nothing crazy eventful and exciting, but just shooting the bull in general.  Spending time with them on the phone is a great way to stay connected when our schedules are going in seemingly different directions constantly.  Connecting with them just makes me feel more complete and whole.

Now as I’m typing this I am chucking to myself as I remember the vacation planning we did as a family yesterday.  We’ve got a few excursions planned for our upcoming trips and it was awesome to see all of our excitement levels ratchet up as we figured out what we want to do and explore.

The story from last night still has me giggling every once in a while, how ridiculous was that???

So when I wrap it all up, yesterday was about as close to a perfect day as I can remember.  I was in contact with many of the most important people in my life, made many new memories, laughed hard and often, and was smiling pretty much the entire time.  That’s a day I am truly thankful for.

As I type this we have 5 boys running around our house doing only God knows what while Becky and I are chilling on the deck.  We’re going to try to re-kindle an old tradition again tonight, heading out to watch the fireworks.  Funny how things work out, isn’t it?  Last night we got all ready and it was cancelled (along with several other issues), and it would be very easy to be frustrated that it didn’t go perfectly.  In hindsight now, it was an unbelievable gift that’s allowing us to enjoy TWO wonderful evenings!  How awesome is that?

Now please wish me luck as I take these hoodlums out to see the fireworks…  provided that they actually happen…  and I don’t break anymore of La Crosse’s laws…  😛


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