Today on Facebook I had these two memories from 6 and 7 years ago pop up:


With the memories of those past 4th of July’s in mind I decided to take the boys to the fireworks the same way we used to do.  We parked the car up on top of the parking lot in the perfect spot that overlooks where the fireworks get shot off.  Later in the night we had Becky drop us off (she has an early start to work tomorrow morning), and that’s where the fun began…


There our car was, parked almost all alone…  With a $20 parking ticket on it for backing into a stall.  I just shook my head and moved on.  The boys gave me a hard time and we joked around about it for quite a while.  They thought it was funny that I got in trouble for breaking the law.


We busted out our chairs, table, and cards and proceeded to play a game.  It was a good time, we were chillin’ out, having a great time and enjoying each other’s company until…

A La Crosse cop showed up and told us that there was a no loitering law and we weren’t allowed to watch the fireworks from the parking lot.  We tried negotiating a few alternatives and ended up having to pack up and figure out Plan B.

Our Plans B and C involved heading down to the park to check it out to see if there were any spaces available and then to head over to the bridge to watch from up there.  We were joking around, making light of the whole situation, and had just about made it to the park when…

My phone rang and it was Becky.  She called to let us know that the fireworks had been cancelled and re-scheduled for tomorrow night instead.  The boys and I totally cracked up and were laughing about it.

We decided to spend some time wandering La Crosse and went up to the bridge to check out the potential view for tomorrow night and see if it would be a good choice.  While we were up there we took in a beautiful sunset and enjoyed spending time with each other.


On the way back the Dominic mentioned how funny it was that we’d broken the law on two occasions tonight, but Gavin quickly corrected him and reminded him that they had only loitered, I was the one who backed into a stall.  On the way home we drove around the island a little and caught quite a few fireworks displays.  Once home we sat on the couch, fired up an episode of Malcom in the Middle and destroyed a bag of Dorito’s.

The night didn’t go nearly as expected, but this is definitely one that we’ll remember for a  very long time.  Funny how when I decide to roll with the punches instead of getting frustrated there’s often a great time ahead of me.  I’m glad the boys got to experience that as well tonight!



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