Day 644 – Thankful for a Yoga Date and Family Movie Night

After a long day of work there’s nothing quite like heading to yoga and then catching a movie with the family.

We ate dinner as a family and then Becky and I jumped on our bikes and headed out to enjoy one of our favorite “dates…”  hot yoga at Root Down on the Northside of La Crosse.  Getting a great workout in while getting a chance to shut down the talking part of my brain was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Throw in a couple of times when we’d bump into each other or just happen to look at each other and smile and it was pretty fantastic. The bike ride there and back was some nice bonus time.  As Becky put it on the way home, “some people like to go out for drinks after work, I’d much rather go out to yoga.”


Once we got back home we fired up a movie based on a book series Gavin is reading, “City of Ember.”  All of us chilling on the couch and enjoying the move was a pretty chill way to start our little break in the middle of the work week.

Yoga date and family movie night, chill moments like this are pretty awesome once in a while!


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