Day 643 – Thankful for Memories of Vacations Past and Visions of Vacations Yet To Come

There are some days when it’s not even really fair.  It’s like I don’t even have to try to find something to be thankful for, the ideas just jump right into my lap.  At some point I need to pause for a moment and sift through all of the moments that appear and figure out how to either turn it into one concise thought or theme or find a way to mash many things together.  Regardless, it seems like there is always something that is missed.  Today is definitely one of those days!

Before diving into the topic of the blog let me first throw a few other things I’m thankful for out there…  A box of Lemonheads as a gift from Sammi to help ease me out of a “sour” mood this morning.  Sitting outside on the steps with a cold beverage writing my blog.  Watching the boys ride bikes and enjoy the wonderful weather.  Logrolling with friends.  Becky.  Phone conversations with my mom.  Joking around with my little brother.  So many wonderful moments and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Last year on this day we had one of the most fun days of vacation that I can remember.  It was the day we crossed into Canada.  We were in Whistler wandering the Olympic Village.  Earlier in the day we saw the Olympic Biathlon track and range, the ski jump, and the ice track for bobsled, luge, and skeleton.  While we wandered in the village we saw a forest fire get put out.  It was an incredible day in which I don’t remember a single negative thing about the day (though I am sure there must have been), but I remember so much of the day it is borderline ridiculous!  As I spent time looking back on those old pictures tonight I’ve been smiling from ear to ear.


As luck would have it Becky and I have been spending time today looking excursions for a couple of our upcoming trips.  We’ve got some doozies planned!  As much fun as it is to actually go on a vacation there’s something pretty awesome about planning what we’ll do on them.  Jumping from website to website we’re looking at all the fun adventures we can take the boys on while we enjoy some amazing new experiences.

Mix the combination of memories of past vacations with the visions of vacations yet to come and I’m about the happiest man on Earth!


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