Day 642 – Thankful for a Full Sunday that Covered All the Bases

From the point that I woke up it’s been a pretty solid Sunday.

For pretty much the first time ever I cooked breakfast on the grill (much more difficult than I thought).  Becky and I took the girls out for a walk afterwards.  We met up with friends and were out on the water for about five hours.  The clouds parted and passed right by us without rain (other than a three minute light sprinkle).  After shooting the bull and just hanging out for a while we headed back home.


Once we got home we knocked out a handful of things we needed to get done.  Some actual work around the house (dishes and cooking lunches for the week) and others were way more fun (changing over the rocks in the tumbler).  After a while we ended up chilling on the couch watching Malcolm in the Middle as a family.  Before I knew it I was ready to write my blog and head off to bed.

As I think over the day pretty much all the bases have been covered.  I had alone time with Becky while we went for a walk.  Dominic and I had time together watching the World Cup shoot outs.  When changing the rocks in the tumbler Gavin and I had time doing it together.  There was time with friends, and there was time alone.  Sounds like a pretty solid day to me!


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