Day 641 – Thankful for Monty Python + Movie Theater Popcorn + a Pitcher of Homegrown Mint Mojitos

There are some days when I have a really deep and profoundly thoughtful blog post in mind. A mash up of several thoughts and concepts over the past few days it gets pretty much 75% written in my brain, but then something happens that causes me to stop, smile, and realize there was something else I was meant to write about. Tonight that’s exactly what’s happened.

Scratch the introspective blog that was being formed in my head… there’s something that has taken its place. Monty Python’s Holy Grail, movie theater popcorn, and a pitcher of mojitos made with Gavin’s homegrown mint.

The Kreiling family is embarking on a family movie night that may or may not leaving lasting memories. We’ll see what happens shortly!

What I do know for sure is that means a night of chilling with my family, something I’m always grateful for.


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