Day 639 – Thankful for a Dreamlike Solo Run and Deciding to Choose My Perspective

This morning I attempted to be as disciplined as Becky so I set my alarm to wake up early and get an extra run in while she lifted weights.  Sadly, my dreams won for about 15 minutes before I finally got my butt in gear.  This was the first time in quite a while that I had a truly solo run, no Becky, no dogs, just me.

My runs with Becky are awesome and I truly appreciate each of them. They’re a great way for us to seemingly cheat time by creating some extra time for the two of us to be together throughout the day.  Once in a while it is nice to run by myself.  I appreciate the runs with her more after I run alone as I can see how much she motivates me to stay on pace as well as how much more quickly the run goes when we’re talking and spending time together versus alone.  It reminds me to be grateful for this tradition we’ve established.

I also enjoy having the time to myself to just let my thoughts drift.  Nowhere in particular, they just drift in different directions.  While running this morning that feeling was amplified by the fog that had settled into the Mississippi River Valley.  The combination of running alone, listening to some great music – Soul to Squeeze by RHCP, letting my thoughts just drift and seeing the view below led to a run that felt more like a capricious dream than a workout.  It was amazing and soul soothing at the same time.


The other thing that I am thankful for I am not quite sure how to put into words without getting into detail that isn’t necessary and almost takes away from the concept.  Here’s the long and short of it…

In every event that happens to us we have the opportunity to choose how we view the event, good or bad, happy or tragic.  The label we apply to it, the perspective we choose depends completely on us.

I could look at the death of my dad as the worst thing I’ve experienced thus far in life.  It would be so easy to hold onto the sadness, loneliness, and feeling of no control.  I could sit on a throne of pity and ask every person I meet to sympathize with me.  This one event could consume me and even become my identity in a horrible way if I let it. It could a huge source of fear and weakness that would be the downfall of my happiness.


I could look at the death of Dad as a part of the natural cycle of life, something that was bound to happen and would happen regardless of my thoughts and wishes.  As such, instead of feeling sad I could use this as a source of knowledge to bring more joy to my life.  I can use his death as a way to learn more about life and death.  His death can help me to help others through difficult times.  I can pause and just feel all the love that was shared by so many friends and family during that time and I’ll never feel lonely for as long as I live.  It can be a tremendous reservoir of strength that can power me to do right through any challenge. As odd as it sounds to write, I can be thankful for his death as it has helped me to be a better and more joyful person.

The choice is up to me. The event is the same, the only difference is my perspective. Only I can make the choice.

Today I’ve chosen the right mindset and was able to do right by others specifically because of what I learned through losing Dad.  I know he is smiling from up above as he would be so happy to see how that experience has changed me.  I’m thankful for taking the time to choose the right way to view his passing today.


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