Day 638 – Thankful for Incredible Luck and a Couple of Inspirational Notes

When the boys and I headed home after getting haircuts last night I had this weird feeling that I’d forgotten something.  My mind raced and I realized that I’d forgotten my laptop.  Still driving, I quickly realized that I had it in my hands when I left.  A lightbulb went off and I quickly yet ever so delicately pulled onto the next side road.  Yup, my hunch was right…


By some crazy act of God and purely wild luck my laptop had managed to stay on the roof of my car for about a dozen blocks!  How ridiculous is that???  While it happened yesterday there were several times today (often while entering and exiting my car) that the memory popped into my brain and had me laughing at myself while being very grateful for my incredible fortune.  The even sillier thing is that this was the second time it’s happened, and the first time my iPad stayed on the roof for a couple of miles!  I am so thankful for that crazy string of luck!

This morning I received a very nice and motivating note from one of my closest college friends about my writing and gratitude.  My smile widened as I read his note and saw that he’s been keeping a dream journal for the past 6 weeks and counting – great job Brian!!!

Later in the day my inbox contained an email from my cousin who also commented on the impact my blog has made on her and how many people read it and are inspired by it.  Thanks Julie!!!

Both of those messages warmed my heart and they inspire me to keep doing this every day for the rest of my life.  There is only thing more motivating for me to keep this blog going every day than the joy it brings me…  bringing a little extra joy to the lives of others.  Thank you both so much for these notes, they fill me with happiness and strengthen my sense of purpose.


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