Earlier today my usual alert buzzed my phone letting me know that I had memories on Facebook from previous years.  When I pulled it up there were my blog posts of course, but there was also this little gem from half a dozen years ago…


I can’t remember the exact inspiration for the quote, but I’m pretty sure it had to do with distance running.  When I read it today I smiled and saw it as myself throwing a little challenge to my future self.  We’d just spent a portion of time talking about how to try something big to change the course of our business in a better direction.  Little did I know I would also be taking this to heart at yoga tonight.

Once at yoga I smiled when I looked down at the sticker on the floor right in front of me. It was this:

From https://mymatmymantra.com/ Check it out at https://mymatmymantra.com/products/gold-collection-space-for-magic

It took only a half a second for me to match up the quote from earlier to this great sticker.  I smiled to myself and knew I was in for an awesome yoga session.

As our instructor walked us through our poses I tried and stretched in ways I hadn’t done before.  Nothing super crazy, but rather the opportunity to push my limits, try to see just how far I could push something, and try it even if it meant that I would stumble… which I did, several times.

For me yoga is a perfect lab for Growth Mindset.  There is nothing that is completely wrong or anything that is perfect, but there is the constant pursuit of perfection.  To do something completely new I am forced to commit to it and fail, learn from it, pick myself back up, do a little better, fail again, learn again, pick myself back up, and try it again.  Over and over and over again.  There are no critics, there is no self consciousness, only growth mindset.

In the lesson today it was a wonderful way for me to remember to use both of these concepts in my daily life, at work and at home.  Both places are “Space for Magic” and in both I’ll never accomplish something I’ve never done if I don’t risk going further than before.  It is certainly something that will be ringing over and over in the back of my head for the next few days at least.


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