Driving back to the office after lunch I saw a sight that made me smile big.  The mist was causing a fog to roll out of the bluffs.  Amongst the dense green leaves of the tress there was an opening that exposed the bright orange of the sandstone of a bluff.  Between the contrasts of the dark green of the trees and white of the fog the bright orange was quite stunning.  In less than a second my brain connected the view to a similar view from a vacation four years ago.  My smile broadened as my mind flashed through so many awesome memories from that adventure.

In 2014 Jeremy, Brian, Steve, and I headed out to Vegas for a long weekend of fun.  While I’ll of course follow the rule about “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” I can divulge details of our day trip to hike in Zion National Park.


The weather was a little wild, it was in December and we were in the desert, yet the weather was cooler for us than it was for our families back home in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  At one point were were driving through a snow flurry which was just wild!  We drove around to see some of the sights and then spent some time hiking Angel’s Landing and a handful of other hikes in the park.  As the snow stopped the mist and fog rolled in and added a beautifully haunting quality to the landscape.  Similar to today there was an ongoing contrast between the white fog (& snow), the green of the trees and shrubbery, and the orange of the rock.  It was really quite breath taking!


Today I’m thankful for that moment I took to be aware of my surroundings to notice the incredible view.  That moment of taking it all in reminded me of the beauty of the park and then led to spontaneous laughing every so often at work as I would remember some of the fun incidents we had on that trip.  My afternoon has been full of so much joy with the memories of that trip playing in the background of my mind… and it has me thinking that it’s about time for us to look at booking our next excursion.



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