Day 629 – Thankful for Playing Cards with Friends & Reminders of Childhood Summers

Tonight I had the opportunity to chill with some business partners and friends.  We’d spent the majority of the later afternoon and early evening talking shop and then chilled by playing cards and kicking back and shooting the bull.  As I kick back and reflect on the night there are moments and comments that still have me smiling, and that’s what got me thinking.

So many of my favorite memories with friends weren’t anything too crazy, they were nights sitting around a table playing cards or some other game together.  Sure, the game is what we start the focus on, but then it quickly shifts to telling stories, shooting the bull, joking around, and having a great time with friends.  By the time the night’s over it rarely has anything to do with the game anymore, it’s all been about the time with each other.  It was also a reminder to me that I need to bust out the cards more often as opposed to staring at a screen to close up a night.

After playing cards I went out to the car to grab a couple of things and saw about a dozen lightning bugs floating in the air flashing on and off to each other.  While that got the memories going it was also the combination of the moist air on a summer night that immediately had me thinking about the times as a kid when Nick and I would catch them while at Grandma and Grandpa’s house during the summer.  All we needed was a screen tent, a Brewer game on the radio, and butter pecan ice cream and it would have been perfect.  It was a moment that lasted only a few seconds, but it brought back a huge wave of wonderful memories.


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