Day 628 – Thankful for a Father’s Day Full of Time with My Sons

My Father’s Day started off with a pretty awesome gift from the boys (& Becky) – a rock tumbler!  Can’t wait to use it 🙂  While that was a pretty sweet gift the best gift by far was the amount of time I had with each of the boys throughout the day.

At church there was the normal prayer for dad’s and it left a little mist in my eyes.  Gavin  saw me (and possibly had a little inspiration from Becky) and came over and gave me a big hug.  After a while he whispered to me, “Dad, I’m sorry you don’t have someone to say ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to this year,” and then he gave me another hug.  Talk about giving me the feels!

After lunch we headed out on the pontoon to chill.  Usually I use it as some time kick back and soak in some sun while reading, but this time I kept focused on the boys.  We played catch with various balls and equipment and then followed it up with some time goofing around on the floats.  Almost the entire time we were joking, laughing, and giggling.

Becky had to run Gavin to the store for dress clothes so Dominic and I took advantage of the quiet moment and fired up a game of Commander together and had a blast!  Once Gavin and Becky were home the boys and I fired up “Destroyer” a card game designed by Gavin.  Again we had so much fun just playing a game and spending time together.

All in all I couldn’t have scripted a better Father’s Day.  It was filled with the one thing that I wanted more than anything the year, time with my boys.


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