Day 610 – Thankful for an Incredibly Well Timed and Motivating Voicemail from a Teammate

My schedule today was pretty much jam packed from start to finish so when one of my teammates called I felt bad that not only was I not available to take their call, but I knew I wouldn’t have the opportunity to get back to them until much later in the day.

Later in the day I had a couple of minutes and felt the stress and anxiety of the upcoming month taking hold.  So many projects, so much to accomplish, and I made the mistake of looking at it as one huge imposing thing as opposed to bite sized portions that I know I can take on.  With that looming in my mind I was struggling and needed to take a deep breath.  I literally had my head in my hands for a moment as I mulled everything over and tried to give myself a pep talk, but it wasn’t quite working.  Just one of those moments of weakness that occasionally hit for a few moments.

Something clicked in my head and I realized that sitting here sulking wasn’t going to accomplish anything so I decided to start knocking off the tasks on my list to get myself out of this funk.  First on the list was to listen to the voicemail from my teammate and respond to her.  When I fired up her voicemail I heard a very chipper, upbeat and energetic voice leave the following message:

Mike Kreiling, this is _______ ________.  I’m calling to give you a little motivation this morning because I feel like you always do well with us and motivation so I thought I would just pass the word on today.  I know you’re stretched pretty thin and have a lot going on for the month of June, but I know you’ll grit through it because you’re an awesome person and you do right by everybody and you’ll do well in June too.  I just wanted to say I appreciate you and you’re doing a very good job!”

I sat there and just took in her message.  After it finished I played it again.  On the second time my eyes welled up a bit, I took a deep breath, and I flipped the switch.  She was right, I’ve got this and I know how to get this all done.  Smiling ear to ear I changed my attitude and proceeded to have an excellent rest of the day.

Today I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am for a teammate taking a few minutes to give me a pep talk to help me get myself back in the right mindset.  There’s no way she could’ve known the state I would be in when I finally listened to her voicemail, but she totally nailed and made my day today.





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