Day 609 – Thankful for a Chillaxing Bike Ride with the Boys

Becky had the foresight to get my bike tuned up and fixed last week and I’m glad she did! When I wrapped up a call for work after supper I was in the mood for some outside time. Grilling, cleaning the grill and setting up the sprinkler didn’t quite scratch the itch.

With Becky on a work call I saw the boys sitting around on the couch reading and had an idea. Let’s go for a bike ride to see how many turtles we could see! Of course I had to have some type of a gimmick to get the boys moving. 😁

Off we went and had a great time. We fired up some tunes while riding, went past the teenagers and water skiers at the beach, and saw ten turtles. Amongst the highlights were our short jaunt down the sandy dirt path and the feeling of swerving all over the blacktop like a kid. It felt awesome!

I am thankful for that time with the boys tonight, it felt wonderful acting like a kid again while spending time with my boys.


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