The plan this morning was a little ridiculous right from the start. Becky was going to wake up at 5:30am to get her sit ups and an workout in and then I’d be up at 5:55am to go for a run. The thought was that by heading out early it wouldn’t be too hot for the dogs. We also had yoga scheduled for 8:15 so we figured everything would work out pretty smoothly and we’d even be able to bike to yoga… that was the plan anyways.

Just like every morning, when I woke up I checked the weather radar on my phone. There was a solid band of red that was going to go right over us in the next fifteen minutes or less so Becky and I called a quick audible. It appeared that the front would blow through quickly so we got everything ready for running, yoga, and our bikes. We figured we wait until it blew through and then we’d have just enough time to go from one thing to the next.

Once we were all prepped we sat out on the deck and watched the storm roll through. There really wasn’t any rain so we were able to sit comfortably and watch flash after flash of lightning. At one point I busted out my phone to see what I could capture and I was pretty pleased with the results. Below are a couple of bolts that were caught basically exploding in the sky and then snaking jaggedly across the clouds and to the ground. It was a pretty epic sound and light show that just kept going, and going, and going…

Unfortunately it ended up going so late that we had to change our plans due to timing. As fate would have it, I think we even had more fun because of it!

We ended up driving to yoga and were surprised to see it was still pretty cool out once it was done. As soon as we got home we got the boys moving, harnessed up the girls, and headed out. Thanks to waiting until a little later the boys were able to join us on their bikes on Fisherman’s Road. Becky and I ran with the girls and the boys headed up on their own. We stopped so the girls could swim in the river a little and took our time. By the time we would normally turn around the boys were nowhere to be seen and they should have caught up to us by then. We figured we’d keep going until we found them and then turn back.

Turning a corner we saw the boys standing next to their bikes looking in the woods. As we got closer they showed us the big turtle they’d been watching. It was so awesome seeing the boys and their lover for nature like this. I also smiled thinking that had Gavin had his way he never would have seen this because he just wanted to read on the couch instead of going for a bike ride.

All totaled we saw about five pretty large turtles making the trek out of the river to lay their eggs. Every year its awesome when we time a run just right an are able to see them on the side of the road like that. No snappers yet, but I’m sure we’ll see them over the next week or so. There’s something so neat about watching turtles like that. It almost feels like I’m getting a glance back in time to see the dinosaurs.

When I take a step back and think about it I’m so thankful for the love of nature that my entire family has. There are so many incredible things out in the natural world and I’m glad that Becky and I have helped nurture an appreciation in our boys for taking time to enjoy them!


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