Day 607 – Thankful for Spending Time on the River While the Boys Are Getting Along

I know, the boys really do get along often, but like many things in life I sometimes get get frustrated and remember the times when they don’t get along much more clearly. While we were out on the river today there was one of those time when I just appreciated seeing the two of them spending time together.

While Becky and I were reading and relaxing Dominic and Gavin had tied a couple of floating emojis together and to the boat. They then proceeded to play a version of king of the hill until only one of them was still on the float. Watching them go at it was so much fun, they were giving each other a hard time and fighting hard, but in a very playful way that reminded me of a couple of bear cubs wrestling.

There was no blow out fight at the end, no frustration, no declarations of cheating or anything like that. They just went at it until they both decided it was time to do something else. Then they split off and did their own things for a while.

In the moment it was so much fun listening to them giggle and laugh while wrestling around like that. I still remember my brother and I doing things like that. Sometimes it was on the stairs so an aunt and uncle’s house, other times it was on our beds as we fake professional wrestling. Regardless of location it was always so much fun doing those types of things and actually enjoying each other’s company. Sitting on the boat today it was pretty awesome to see the boys doing the same and making their own memories.


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