Day 611 – Thankful for an Awesome Hike to Wrap Up the Scouting Year

To finish up our hiking award the scouts and a few brave parents went on a 3.5+ mile hike in Hixon Forest on the side of the bluffs. Not only did we have to hike it, but we had to collect garbage as a service project and then prepare and eat a meal on the trail.

The boys did an awesome job on the hike and did it way faster than I was expecting. True to being normal boys there was a lot of “rocket fuel” and “gas” to help propel them up the hills. We were also fortunate to have had today be the day that they learned about anatomy in school so there was plenty of entertainment!

It felt wonderful being out on the trails again, and while it wasn’t nearly as peaceful as when Becky and I would run on them together it was still very relaxing.

I’m super proud of how well each of the boys did, it’s been my pleasure to be their den leader for the past year. Not only am I thankful for them, I’m also thankful for the time I’ll get to spent with them next year in their last year of Cub Scouts.


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