Day 589 – Thankful for Memories of Australia

Two years ago today I was wandering alone through the streets of Armidale on a a beautiful fall day.  Yup, it was fall…  because I was on the opposite side of the world.  We were about midway through our trip and Becky was working at UNE prepping for her confirmation.  This gave me a lot of time to explore on my own and it was AWESOME!!!

Meandering through the town I had my headphones in and was just soaking it all in.  So much was similar to back home and so much was completely different.  It was a surreal experience that has been burned into my brain forever.  I still remember exactly which tree I chilled out and took a nap under in the park while listening to some Mumford and Sons.

Driving back from Menomonie today I fired up that same album and spent time thinking about all of those awesome moments while down under.  From the crazy long flight on a double decker jet to seeing the Sydney Opera House the first time to exploring the tide pools and touching an octopus to wandering through towns to hiking in Australian National Parks to traveling the countryside with Becky to eating so many delicious foods (specifically eggs benedict with a rasher of bacon and a flat white with an extra shot).  It was the experience of a lifetime!

I was smiling from ear to ear as I walked through all of those memories and it was a great reminder of just how grateful I am to have had that experience.  It’s become a part of me in a similar yet completely different way than our other adventures.  So many lessons learned on that trip and so many wonderful memories.


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