Becky was lifting this morning as usual on a Tuesday. LuLu ran yesterday and has a tough time running anything more than every other day. I like running alone sometimes, the quiet and calm just feels like what I need sometimes. That was the plan for this morning, a quiet solo run.

While getting ready I felt like I was being shadowed. Everywhere I went in the house I had a pair of big brown eyes and a face full of hope looking at me. Finally I relented and decided to take Skywalker with me.

The two of us took off towards our route and she was pulling me to get me moving faster. When I had her off the leash she was bounding across the beach and smiling ear to ear. She’d take off in a sprint ahead of me, slow down, run back to me, and stare at me with a huge smile beckoning me to catch up.

She drives me nuts often, she’s not the smartest dog ever, and she’s pretty gross… but she’s the most joyful runner on the face of the earth. There is nothing she loves more than going for a run. Her joy kept spilling into me today, and I’m very thankful for that!


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