Day 587 – Thankful for Kid’s Cup 2018

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 8.05.54 PM

There’s something about doing good for something bigger than each of us as individuals to bring out the best in us.  For me Kid’s Cup is an annual reminder of this.  Each year I spend time calling, emailing, and using social media to ask for help from friends and family to help with this incredible cause.  Any support you can offer is greatly appreciated, whether it is a financial donation Kid’s Cup ( ), spreading the word, or offering encouragement as I work towards my goal.

Kid’s Cup is a pretty awesome event as 100% of all the funds raised go directly to the cause, not a single cent goes to putting on the event.  That is all made possible by the many wonderful sponsors of the event, including Express Employment Professionals.  Over the past 21 years it’s raised of $1.5 MILLION!!!

So where do the dollars go to help?  They go to help kids who are in need of medical need and their families.  These dollars go towards things that the hospital doesn’t have a budget for and are focused on ways to support the entire family as they fight through their medical challenges.  In past years the money raised has gone to Beads of Courage for each procedure a child has done to iPads to help entertain them and their siblings on long stays to machines that help make blood draws easier and less painful.

Each year at the event we have a family or two who come in to share their story and help us see how their lives have been impacted for the positive from this event.  By the time they receive a standing ovation there is rarely a dry eye in the room.  It is mind blowing to see what so many people can do when they pull together for a common cause to help others.

Thank you in advance for considering to help me out in this event!  Of course, I’ll always be happy to help you in a cause that you are championing as well.  🙂

For more information please check out the donation site at:


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