Day 586 – Thankful for Taking Time to Enjoy the Sun on My Skin, the Wind Blowing Through My Hair and Across My Face, and the Feel of Bare Feet On Grass

The title of this one almost speaks for itself, doesn’t it? In a go go go day I’m at the soccer fields after Gavin’s game and waiting for Dominic’s last game of refereeing to conclude. Normally I would have brought my headphones and lost myself in music or a good book. Instead I am just standing on the sidelines.

While watching the referee more than the game I kicked my sandals off. The feel of grass underfoot was awesome, one of the first times this spring. The ground is still a little damp which gives it a great bit of sponginess.

Standing here I caught myself soaking in the breeze. Not a stiff wind or anything, but rather a cool and peaceful flow of air. It’s blowing just enough that I can feel it almost constantly moving my hair and drifting across my face.

The sun is shining bright and my skin is loving every moment of it. One side of my face feels a few degrees warmer than the other so every so often I’m changing direction. This might sound weird, but I swear that the sun like this makes it smell like summer and vacation. Strange, I know, but I swear that I can smell when my skin is getting a solid dose of sun.

Put all three of these sensations together and it feels amazing to just stand here and just be. That said, I’m going to wrap this ups so I can savor it for a little while longer. 😁


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