Day 585 – Thankful for a Trip Down Memory Lane at the Milwaukee Zoo with My Brother and My Family

We followed up a great night at the Brewers game with a day at the Milwaukee Zoo.  It is a pretty special place for Nick and I as it is where we used to go pretty much every summer when we stayed with our Aunt Nadia as kids for many years.  Every section of the zoo that wasn’t new brought back many memories that Nick and I shared as we walked with our families.

We talked about how we only went to the reptile house every other year because Aunt Nadia hated snakes.  How cool that she would be willing to go into something she really was not a fan of every other year for Nick and I?

There was a machine that made us immediately smile when we saw it.  As we got closer Lauren asked Nick what the smell was.  Without missing a beat he responded, “it smells like childhood.”  The machine was one of several plastic molding machines that makes a small plastic animal in front of you.  Each year Nick and I would get one or two of those as souvenirs from our trip.


As we walked the zoo it was fun to have so many old memories come up.  In sharing them it seemed that others came up.  Being able to have that time with Nick was priceless.  Having my family present to share in those memories as we make new ones was just awesome.

Some of the new ones that I’ll keep smiling about are Dominic’s jokes to Uncle Nick, Lauren’s response to Jennifer when asked if she wanted to see wild pigs, and a trek halfway across the entire zoo because he wasn’t interested in the chicken tenders that were the only option for food.


It’ll be fun to see if Gavin and Dominic go back with their families when they get older and talk about all of the memories they have and the stories they heard us share.


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