Day 578 – Thankful for the First Day of Soccer, a Great Father/Son Talk with Dominic, and Some More Baseball

Today there was no snow, no rain, and no flooded fields so we had SOCCER!!!  Gavin had the first couple of games he was able to play in this season and Dominic had a full day of refereeing that included five games.  It felt awesome to be back watching them play and ref while enjoying fresh air and sun.


At church tonight we found out that we are yet again having our priests re-assigned, we’re getting a temporary priest, and then eventually getting another priest.  When Dominic and I were driving home (Becky and Gavin drove separate due to soccer schedules and church commitments) he shared how frustrated he was with losing our priest yet again.  While I totally understand I figured this was a great time to help him understand a little bit about stoicism, letting go because we don’t know The Big Guy’s plan, and gratitude.

After he had a chance to express his frustration I shared that there is nothing we can do to impact this so we must accept it.  We then talked about how we don’t know God’s plan in its entirety and for all we know someone or several people need someone like Father Matt more than us at this moment and maybe we’ll have an even better one next time.  I then reminded him to be thankful for having had the opportunity to get to know Father Matt and Father Raj, they were both awesome and brought joy to our lives while they were with us.  We need to remember that and be thankful for that time and impact.  Once we’d covered all that he was feeling a lot better about it.  Hopefully bits of that conversation stick with him in life.

With a belly full of tacos I headed out to work on wiring the boat trailer.  While I focused on that and got more and more frustrated the boys were playing baseball in the park.  It took me a little bit, but I realized the right thing to do.  I said screw it to the trailer and was then off playing some ball with the boys.  That was probably where I should’ve been the whole time, but I was glad that I ended up there at least.  We had a great time, played until it was almost too dark to see the ball and then headed in.  It felt wonderful!

Rush, rush, rush today, but I’m thankful for the moments that brought me much joy today.  I’m exhausted but with happy memories in my head and heart.


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