Day 579 – Thankful for Being Better Together Than Alone

On our drive up north early this morning I was listening to music while I was behind the wheel. With Becky reviewing an article for work and the boys reading books it was a nice chunk of quiet time. A rarity in recent weeks I savored having the time to be in my own world and lost in thought.

Enjoying the scenery I took in the beauty of the landscape and saw some cool things like a puffed up turkey strutting his stuff, a couple of sand hill cranes, and many other birds and small wildlife. While those things were stimulating my sense of sight I had some great music taking care of my ears, soothing my soul, and guiding my thoughts.

At one point the song “You’ve Got the Love” by Florence and the Machine came up and I was smiling from ear to ear. I couldn’t help but think of how it relates to how Becky helps keep me going through times like this when life is crazy busy and a bit on the stressful side. She has a way of reminding me to breathe while also reminding me of our long term goals and dreams. That really helps me to take a deep breath and then grit it out. With her help I know that I will be successful. Yes, I’m sure i would be on my own, but it’s way easier with two of us together.

Without quite realizing why at the moment I fired up “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. Listening to the lyrics I couldn’t help but smile. Sometimes I try too hard to accomplish everything, to get more done than I probably should. I try to be a superhero instead of being the normal dude that I am. I can get so focused on the goal that lose sight of everything except the the long list of tasks in front of me. Becky does a great job of helping me slow down to enjoy the ride. She reminds me to pause and enjoy the journey seemingly at just the right time instead of running head first into a buzzsaw of my own making. Being together with her reminds me to be me, to be present, and to enjoy the journey.

But she said, where’d you wanna go?

How much you wanna risk?

I’m not looking for somebody

With some superhuman gifts

Some superhero

Some fairytale bliss

Just something I can turn to

Somebody I can kiss

Once again without good reason or logic I switched to some Springsteen and ended up on “Working On a Dream.” It didn’t take me very long to figure this one out. The reason I’m willing to push as hard as I am is that we have some pretty awesome dreams to accomplish. I’ve got mine, Becky’s got hers, and we’ve got ours. The awesome thing is that they all line up pretty damn well. When I get frustrated and want to quit or half ass it she reminds me of those dreams – mine, hers, & ours. That remembered perspective helps me get into the right mood and reenergizes me to bust my butt working towards those dreams. Again, I’m sure I’d probably remember them if I were flying solo, but it’s so much better to have her here to remind me much more quickly and with a lot less pain and agony.

And in those songs was where today’s blog was spawned… life is just better with the two of us together. Being with her I’m more likely to be the best version of me that I can be. She helps me navigate the minefield of my mental and emotional roadblocks to let me focus on being more joyful. Becky helps as my coach, friend, drill sergeant, therapist, and cheerleader almost always exactly when I need help from one of those roles. She’s my personal superhero with a utility belt filled with everything I need to live a happier life.

With us together we lift each other up, push and challenge each other, heal each other, love each other, and be better than we would be apart. What an incredible gift! I’m so thankful that gift.


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