On this day 16 years ago Becky and I exchanged “I Do’s.” It blows my mind to think that our marriage could now legally drive a car!

As I start thinking about all we’ve done during these sixteen years my mind is pretty much blown.

  • Had two wonderful boys who are now two thirds and halfway to being adults
  • Bought a house and paid it off
  • Finished a Masters and are working on a PhD (Becky took care of both of those!)
  • Became business owners and then multiple business owners
  • Have knocked out well over 20 National Parks together while traveling often
  • We’ve run a marathon together and have sick and twisted dates that involve running half marathons

And that’s just the start and what i could think of off the top of my head! There are so many other things we’ve been through together in the past sixteen years, but I think my favorites are the following:

  • Starting the day with a run with her in the morning
  • Giving her a hug and kiss and sharing an “I love you” every morning before we leave for work
  • Getting or sending a text halfway through the day asking about each other’s day
  • Giving her a hug and kiss and sharing an “I love you” every evening when we get back from work
  • Spending time together with the boys for dinner at the table
  • Snuggling up with her in bed before I go to sleep

Each of those moments happen almost daily and after approximately almost 6,000 days I still look forward to and enjoy every single one of those moments with her. How awesome is that and how lucky of a guy am I?

Thanks for sixteen successful, fun filled, and joyful years of marriage. I’m thankful because every day starts with you and the joy you bring into my life. Love you!


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