Day 576 – Thankful for Junk Mail and Ordering Out

Yessir, today I’m playing the role of kind of lazy dad…  kinda…  After a non-stop day of work I ran to school to pick up Gavin, ran home to grab Dominic, and then we were off to get haircuts.  At one point as I was trying to herd the boys towards the car the boys weren’t moving very fast, the dogs were begging for attention, the home phone was ringing and Becky was talking me through where the Chicken Que tickets that I needed to take with me were…  ARGH!!!

Once we finally got headed out I decided to grab the mail on our way out.  At that moment the clouds parted, the sun shined down, and I heard a choir of angels…  This was in the mailbox:

Yes!!!  This was perfectly timed!  Usually throw this into the recycling pile without a second thought along with the other garbage.  Tonight this was a wonderful note from The Big Guy Upstairs saying, “dude, nothing will cheer you up like not cooking and ordering takeout ‘za and wings for you and the boys.”  Who am I to argue with that logic?

So as Dominic is finishing up his haircut right now some amazing people are prepping a delicious meal that will only exist in our house for a few fleeting moments.  Ahh…  my mouth is already watering and my stress level has gone down.  I know, this may be some sign of a weird addiction, but I really odn’t care at this moment.  I’m just thankful for the junk mail and ordering out tonight!


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