Day 575 – Thankful for the Ability and Tools Needed to Fit It All In

Becky normally does more than her share of Uber-ing the boys from event to event. Tonight was very different as a few things happened at once… She had a work event this evening. Gavin and Dominic both had a full slate of events located across the town and at different times. I am swamped and needed to get a lot of work done tonight sszso I’m ready for tomorrow.

As I headed off to drop Gavin off at soccer I called my mom for a quick pep talk. I knew she’d been here before and she always cheers me up when I’m feeling frazzled like this. Just like always I ways laughing as we got off the phone and it was off to the races.

I headed home and was able to crank out some emails before taking Dominic to Subway for supper before picking up Gavin. He and I spent some quality time talking in the car as we waited for Gavin’s practice to conclude.

Once Gavin was loaded up we headed across town to take Dominic to church. Afterwards Gavin and I grabbed supper (somehow he also chose Subway!) and we had funny talking and joking while we ate. There may have been Dunkin Donuts run after dinner 😉.

Gavin and I headed back to the church, parked, switched seats, and I fired up my laptop to start getting caught up as Gavin read.

It was about that time that the inspiration for today’s post struck me. How cool is it that my career choice allows me the flexibility to work like this? Sure, I’d already gotten in a full day of work and then some, but being able to get things done around the other life events is something I’m very thankful for. I didn’t have to run into the office after the kids were in bed and I didn’t have to lay sleepless in bed stressing about tomorrow. I have the ability and tools around me to accomplish the AND – be successful in work AND as a dad.


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