Day 574 – Thankful for Playing Baseball Outside Until Mom Called Us In Because It Was Getting Dark

The boys never really got into baseball because they jumped into other sports instead. Imagine my surprise tonight when seemingly out of nowhere Gavin asked if I’d pitch him a few balls in the park.

No pics of us playing, we were too busy to pause for pictures ;)

Next thing we knew the boys and I were playing baseball barefoot in the park across the street. We were all laughing at how terrible each of us are at it, but that only added to our fun. Lots of laughing, smiling, taunting, and cheering each other on was happening as we threw pitches to each other. It was awesome!

We could’ve stayed out there all night, but Becky knew better and called us in when it was getting dark out. Of course we only stayed out for another 10-15 minutes afterwards 😉.

I’m not sure where this came from, but I’m thankful for Gavin’s sudden impulse to play baseball. Tonight was one of those crazy moments in which I was simultaneously totally present with the boys goofing around with them while also being flooded with memories of playing baseball with my dad and brother when I was a kid. There’s not a better way to explain it than this, it was a moment in which I was a kid and an adult, a father and a son, having fun playing an ageless game in a place where time doesn’t exist. How awesome is that for a way to wrap up a night?


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