Day 565 – Thankful for Those Moments When I Want to Yell at My Boys While Simultaneously Laughing at Them as They Bring Back Memories

This afternoon we were up in the workshop hanging up whiteboards and doing some small projects.  As I was focused on one thing the boys kept picking on each other.  They were little jabs that kept coming at a faster and faster pace.  The digs got a little deeper one after the next.  The voices got a little louder and slowly built up.  After awhile there was a little shove here, and a little push there.

Their constant bickering was starting to drive me up the wall.  I was trying to focus on my task and they just kept going and going and going…  Right at about the time I was ready to snap at both of them something happened…

Hearing a loud BANG I turned around and before I could see what had happened I heard laughter from each of them.  They were now at Gavin’s whiteboard pushing each other out of the way, trying to write things about the other, and laughing their butts off at all of it!


Seeing this all I could do was smile.  It was brothers being brothers, the same way Nick and I used to do.  Push and push and push and then finally burst out laughing as a wrestling match breaks out.  My memory went back in time to so many of those fights, the ones that never resulted in serious injury, but quite often some type of a story that we still tell many years later.  Kind of like the time we got to the point in Dad’s kitchen that we were wrestling around, had each other totally locked up, and realized that if we went any further we were both going to get hurt.  That fact hit us both at the same time and we busted out laughing.  It was AWESOME!!!

The boys did drive me nuts, but I’m glad they did.  Moments like this are some of the best of having a brother.


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