Day 566 – Thankful for Remembering to Choose My Attitude, Gratitude

It’s funny how one or two negative things can real set the tone for a day if I let them.  In the case of today there were a couple throughout the day that left me in a bit of a funk.  Half joking and half not I looked at Becky tonight and asked, “what am I thankful for today?”  I was letting a couple of things rule my attitude, and not for the better.

As she smiled and responded my mind started rewinding back through the day and I realized just how much I was thankful for.  Many moments that left me smiling or led to full on belly laughing.  Some moments of pride, some smiles at taking on a new challenge.  More than a few moments of enjoying the beauty of nature (even with, and in some cases, because of the snow).  Emails from teammates and peers that left me beaming.  Moments of accomplishment that left me smiling at hard fought success.  Moments of just connecting with others at a deeper level.  I was thankful for being able to cook dinner for the family and spending time with them.  An awesomely different breakfast.  There were fleeting seconds of silence which felt wonderful.  Nuggets of random trivia that made me smile (thanks Becky for sharing that today was the 27th anniversary of the release of Temple of the Dog).  Great moments with each of the boys doing some of the things they do best.  Giving Becky a kiss when she got home.  Listening to music after everyone went to bed so I could just chill.  Seeing a friend achieve a dream on Facebook.  Taking time to think about what I’m thankful for.  Writing this blog.  So many amazing moments and experiences that I am thankful for today.

I can’t help but laugh at myself and realize how pathetic it was for me to let a couple of things impact my overall happiness and joy today.  When I sum it all up, it’s been an awesome day!  I’m so thankful that I decided to choose my attitude by the end of the day, and that attitude was gratitude.



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