Day 564 – Thankful for The Boys Helping Me with Improvement Projects Around the House

As I grew up there was always something be worked on in our house.  From construction to home improvements there was always a project or two that my parents were working on.  While I wasn’t always super excited to jump in and help it’s been amazing to see just how much I learned from them.

Today was another one of many opportunities to share a moment and some experiences with the boys.  There’ve been a handful of very small projects around the house that I wanted to make progress on today.  The boys were with me every step of the way from our trip to Menards to installation to troubleshooting to clean up.  Each of the boys helped out with different things at various times.  They also learned how to do some new things, how some new things work, and how to improvise.

Not only was it cool for them to learn new things, but it was just fun having them help me out.  Even when I got frustrated a couple of times they were able to help me smile when I was getting frustrated.  I knew they were watching me and I had to set the right example for them.  Regardless of when things went well or wrong it was awesome to have them spending time with me.


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