Day 561 – Thankful for Taking Dominic’s Advice on How to Spend an Extra 25 Minutes

Wednesday nights mean church for Dominic and the coffee shop for Gavin and I.  While Dominic gets his religious ed Gavin and I get our hot chocolate and decaf (Dominic also gets a hot chocolate on the ride home).  Due to schedules tonight we found ourselves away from home with about 25 minutes to spare.  Not enough time to really do much of anything…  but then Dominic had an idea.

Based on last week’s excursion for Gavin and I Dominic thought it’d be good to head up to Granddad’s Bluff so off we went!


We just chilled on the top for a while, looking down on the city of La Crosse and picking out several of the landmarks.  We joked around, gave each other a hard time, and enjoyed each others’ company and scenic vistas.  As time ran down we headed off to do our thing.

It was a cool way to really savor a handful of extra moments together as opposed to squandering them doing something meaningless like just waiting in the car or dropping him off early.  Dominic, you had an awesome idea tonight Bud!


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