Day 560 – Thankful for Yoga’s Way of Reminding Me to “Just Breathe”

When I filled my mom in on my plans for the evening her response was a bright and cheerful, “it’s so cool that you are both into yoga, it seems like you are both really into it.”  I just smiled and responded in agreement.  After we wrapped up our call I thought about that for a few minutes.  Why do I enjoy yoga so much?

It’s time for Becky and I to have fun together, to enjoy some quiet time outside the chaos of life.  Those extra minutes to just the two of us are so appreciated and special.

To kick off yoga tonight Nick shared a couple of thoughts of remembering the difference between what we can control and what we can’t.  In the case of yoga we have the ability to push ourselves and push ourselves while looking for that one little edge that we can get.  That little extra movement or stretch, that slight shift that shows that maybe we can control more than we think we can when we focus on it.

The workout itself is fantastic.  Whoever would have thought that you could sweat buckets by doing something as seemingly easy as stretching?  My muscles get worked in all different ways and stretches, it feels awesome!  I just went downstairs to tuck in Dominic and my legs were shaking as if I’d had a brutal leg workout.  Gotta love that feeling!

Boiling it all down to one thing though is relatively easy.  It’s a time to remember to just breathe.  Throughout the workout we’re all breathing in a very specific pattern, working on keeping our breath calm through the storm of the exercise.  To conclude the session we end with a pose laying flat on our back.  We close our eyes, let go, and just breathe.  In that moment everything in life is stripped away, it’s just breath.  No stress, no pressure, and no expectations.  It’s time to just enjoy the sensation of breathing and it’s incredible how life changes for a few moments when I’m distilled to just breath.  With no deadlines, nowhere to be, no one to talk with, it’s just me and that’s so peaceful.

As I’ve mentioned several times in the past my mind goes in many directions during that time.  Often I’m on a boulder in Colorado laying out in the sun, on the porch by the side of the ocean in Hawaii, or walking through the Ancient Groves in Washington.  Tonight Nick reminded us to “just breathe” and when he said that I immediately heard the opening strings of a song on the guitar…

“Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam played in my head as I saw my Dad smiling at me.  No words exchanged, just smiles, and it was awesome.  With all of the non-stop energy of life set aside for a few precious moments it was like I was able to have a clear connection to Dad.  Just chilling, listening to the song, smiling.  It was amazing and I’m so thankful for that experience.

As I think about everything from today there were so many moments when I was hustling from one thing to the next, taking care of what needed to be done, and flowing from one thing to another.  My day was one steady stream of stimuli.  It was a great day, a productive day, and one that I am thankful for.  That said, having a few moments in which my body was exhausted from an excellent workout and the rest of life was on hold…  with no agenda but remembering to just breathe…  it was exactly what I needed, and I’m so grateful for that.


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