Day 559 – Thankful for Being the “Mean Dad” Who Forces His Son to Complete His Scouting Homework

Ahh…  Nothing quite like having to be the “mean dad” that as a kid I swore to my dad that I would never be when he was being the “mean dad” who made me work on something that I knew I had to work on , but didn’t want to.

This was the scene in the Kreiling house tonight when I had Gavin stop playing with Legos so he could work on his Duty to God portion of his Weblos badge…

It took some work, but we finally got rolling on it.  Lo and behold, after half an hour we’d made some pretty solid practice and made some headway on the requirement.  Not too much more to go and he’ll be done.

Times like this drove me nuts as a kid, but now as a parent I really see these are the times my parents helped me see that work must be done.  It was in moments like this that they helped me build grit and a work ethic.  I wasn’t thankful for it back in the day, but I am today.  That’s also why even though Gavin thinks I’m a mean dad tonight I know he’ll thank me later…


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