Day 558 – Thankful for a Full Sunday that Felt More Successful Than Busy

Whew, the whirlwind weekend is just about done!  We were home the entire weekend which is a bit of a rarity, but we all had more than enough to keep busy.  After this blog I’ll be in bed and sleeping before my head hits the pillow.  In a weird way it doesn’t feel busy like other days like this often do…  it’s more of a successful feeling as I head off to bed to start the next week.

Being the awesomely boring people we can occasionally be, Becky and i were in bed shortly after 10pm last night and I slept right up until I had to get ready for church at about 8:10am.  Nothing like a 10 hour night of sleep to kick off a day!

We then hustled off to church.  While there I had a few random moments I was thankful for including goofing around a little with Dominic and talking with someone wearing a Northern Michigan sweatshirt.  Once mass ended Becky, Dominic and I head to the grocery store while Gavin had Sunday school.  A large and very unique shopping list caused us to have to speed shop in order to get everything and make it back in time to pick up Gavin.

Once home the boys started their lunch time adventure…  They’d both written up ideas for “baskets” so they could cook a meal for us just like the show Chopped again.  This time it was all them, Becky and I just sat back and let them do all the work.  Dominic fired up a great homemade mac and cheese and a spinach salad with a mango, grape, & walnut dressing.  Gavin fired up dessert with roasted marshmallows stuffed with blackberries, M&M’s, chocolate syrup, and bacon.  Both of them were way better than anything Nick and I would have made back in the day!  Becky and I were both pretty impressed with them – they did an awesome job!



I said Becky and I just sat back, but we actually were both working for the second straight day of the weekend.  Work hard, play hard, right?  We’re both on the side of the swing in which we need to be hyper focused to accomplish all that must be done.   After lunch Becky took Dominic to his scout meeting and went to her office.  Meanwhile I kept working at home with the girls laying on their beds next to me.  About the only break I took for a couple of hours was to work with Gavin on some of his Weblos requirements.

Once Becky’d picked Dominic the whole family went for a walk (Becky, the girls, and I) and a bike ride (the boys) on Fisherman’s Road and enjoyed some wonderful outside time.  The pelicans were still taking over much of the river and it was so cool seeing those huge birds everywhere.  It felt wonderful to be outside, moving, and relaxing.


After the walk I fired up the grill and made supper quick before Becky and I had our Cub Scout leaders meeting to plan out the rest of our upcoming events.  The meeting went very well and we went right back to more tasks when we got home.  Becky fired up more work and I cooked my lunches for the first half of the week.  Once that was done I hopped back on my computer and got more work done while the boys watched one episode of Chopped before they headed off to bed.

Now I’m on the couch, last man standing, and ready to head off to bed too.  As I think about today it’s crazy to think about just how non-stop it’s been.  So much in one day.  Quite often I’d feel frazzled after a day like this, just exhausted from being busy.  Today it’s different, and I’m not quite sure why.  The feeling I have as I’m ready for bed is accomplishment.  There was a ton of stuff that I just needed to sit down and finish up and it’s done.  As much is prepped for the upcoming week as I can prep in advance.  Everything is completed and ready, and that’s a wonderful feeling…  one I’m very thankful for.


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