I’m pretty sure that has to be about the longest title of a blog I’ve had in over 900 straight posts!

Wednesday night this time of the year means church for Dominic from 7 to 8:30.  With Becky usually uber-ing the boys throughout the week it’s my turn to tag in.  I load Dominic and Gavin into the car and we’re off.  Dominic gets dropped off at church while Gavin and I usually head to either Java Vino or Dunkin Donuts for a cup of decaf, a hot chocolate, and some type of delicious treat.  On our way out to pick up Dominic we grab something for him as well and then head home.  Some nice chill time to blog, relax, and get caught up on work.

As we got closer to dropping Dominic off I noticed how the sun was starting its descent and I had an idea.  I’d spend too much time and energy being sick of the snow around me and I realized it was time to remember why I love this area.


Once Dominic jumped out Gavin and I headed up Granddad’s Bluff and took a quick walk to the edge.  The lighting was pretty awesome and we were able to see so far up the Mississippi River Valley.  After reading the biography of DaVinci I’ve started noticing just how different colors looks with different shades of lighting.  The way the sun was hanging in a little bit of a cloud caused everything to take on a slightly golden hue.  It was so quiet, peaceful and chill up there.


Gavin and I headed back down the bluff, and was we did I realized that I was just as thankful for taking the time to enjoy that as I was taking the view in.  It felt wonderful to pause and enjoy the moment.  Hopefully the boys will remember these random moments like this and take them to heart.  Life can get way too busy and we can let it take over…  but it’s really up to us to take a moment to breathe and enjoy the present.



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