Day 555 – Thankful for a Morning Full of Joy, Sad Memories, Happy Memories, and Sunshine

This morning kicked off with an early morning run with Becky and the girls.  Even though it was way colder than it should be at this time of the year it was still very peaceful.  There were several moments in which I just lost myself in the joy of being outside and relaxed.  When Becky went ahead I paused and got this pretty sweet pic that helps you feel the mood I was in…  Everything just chill and calm in the moonlight.


I took the Pilot into work today and as luck would have it Becky had the radio station set to 95.7, The Rock.  Getting ready to turn on my audiobook I paused when I heard them mention that today was the 24th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide and the 16th anniversary of Layne Staley’s death.  They then fired up one of my favorites from Layne, River of Deceit by Mad Season.  Listening to that song I thought back to the day I heard that Cobain had died and remembering hearing of Staley’s death.  As a child of the 80’s and 90’s grunge was amongst my favorite music and it stung when they were both gone.  I just paused and thought about all the what if’s had they not perished.

In the midst of the sadness I felt over their loss I was also reminded of so many happy memories.  Listening to Mad Season with my friends at Michigan Tech.  Never ending debates with high school friends about where Nirvana rated compared to Pearl Jam (Eddie always won).  The thought of both of them reminded me of some pretty great times in my life.  Those memories led to me shuffling up some other music from that era and savoring those old memories.

The drive was absolutely gorgeous this morning which brought another smile to my face.  Not only was it sunny, but it was that bright early morning sunny that just shines a wonderful  gold.  It warms everything in the landscape and it seemed to fit my mood while thinking back to some of those great memories.  The drive this morning just felt right and I was present in and appreciative of every second of it.


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