Day 553 – Thankful for Heading to Work Early

Wow! Even being south of Highway 29 didn’t save me today. The snow was falling as I drove through Onalaska and went the rest of the way to Rice Lake. Along the road were many tow trucks and police cars as other cars littered the ditches.

My drive today has been uneventful. I’ve stayed calm, even remembering to slightly loosen my grip when the tires started to slide out on me. No big deal, I’ve driven bad roads before and it’s nice to not have tight shoulders from all the stress of driving in rough conditions.

That’s what got me thinking today. I am so grateful that I headed out to work early today. Knowing there was a snowstorm about to bear down on us I hit the road a little more than an hour before I normally would have. Figuring it would be a longer ride I also downloaded a new audiobook and decided snuggle into my seat and plan on it taking a long time to get there.

It was funny how much differently I viewed the drive in with over an hour of extra time. I didn’t feel pressure to drive faster. I wasn’t looking for areas to pass. Settling into the speed of traffic I gave more room than normal to the vehicle ahead of me. While it wasn’t necessarily relaxing, it was peaceful. What a difference than if I was cutting it close! I’d have been stressed and possibly taking chances that I shouldn’t be taking.

Today I’m thankful for heading to work early. My ride was peaceful and my day started out much better than it would’ve otherwise started. A little planning in advance of going to bed early and waking up earlier than planned made a huge difference today!


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