Day 552 – Thankful for Seeing the Boys’ Creativity and an Early Bedtime

With the kids off of school today I had a checklist for them complete prior to playing electronics for a little while.  The list today had many of the old standbys like reading for an hour and playing their instruments.  It also had chores like folding laundry.  There was also some exercise thrown in for good measure.  Then they got to the fun stuff…

On their list was “create a 4 to 6 panel comic strip,” “research your favorite video game designer and put together a 3-8 slide presentation about them,” and “design the ultimate survival knife.”  They didn’t disappoint when I got to see their finished products tonight!  The comics made me chuckle.  They learned some interesting facts about their favorite video game designers (both involved in Minecraft!)  Their survival knives were AWESOME!!!  Dominic’s including throwing knives inside while Gavin opted for magma inside of his knife that also folded out into a sword!  Seeing the two of them use their creativity brings a huge smile to my face.


The second thing I’m thankful for tonight is going to bed early.  It’s been a long day and tomorrow’s going to be an even longer day (both in good ways).  Knowing that I’ll need to be running full steam ahead tomorrow this old guy is going to bed early.  When I was a kid I used to hate going to bed early…  Tonight?  That sounds awesome!!!


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