Day 551 – Thankful for Living South of Highway 29

While driving back from up north today I kept going back to a thought I had on Friday… Boy, oh boy, am I glad we live where we do! While heading home we seemed to travel back through time from January to April, from Winter to Spring.

When we were kids it used to blow my mind when I’d see the huge piles of snow we had everywhere and then hear my grandma say that they had no snow on the ground. My child’s mind just couldn’t quite fathom that. How could there be a magical line in Wisconsin where all the snow disappeared? More importantly, how do I live south of that line!

As we travel and see some crazy beautiful and scenic places I get it. There are some magical places that have no snow. There are other places where the snow never goes away. Sure, I’d really like to move to one of those snow free places like Hilo, HI or New Zealand, and I’m sure that someday we will live there for periods of time. That said, it’s funny how much more I appreciate where we live.

Living in La Crosse provides a mix of all seasons, for better or for worse. Our seasons will occasionally bleed into each other, but they are very defined. The changes in season help remind me that time is continuing to pass by. There’s something about that ongoing reminder of time that I really appreciate. It forces me to remember that time isn’t slowing down and I need to keep getting the most out of life as opposed to letting it slip by. Becky and I may live elsewhere fo months on end in the future, but we’ll always have a strong tie to our home in part because of the beautiful transition in seasons.

In the case of today I’m just thankful to be out of the snowy Winter and plunge back into Spring.

Whoever would’ve thought you could go from the top to bottom pic just by driving south a few hours?  ;)


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