Day 550 – Thankful for History Repeating Itself – Nerds on Grandma’s Floor

This morning we headed up to see Grandma Nancy for a short visit while we were up north for Easter. She had some goodies for the boys including a nerf gun (that Dominic and I shot each other with… a lot…) and an assortment of candy. One of the boxes that each boy received was a box of Nerds.

When Nick and I were kids Nerds were one of our favorite candies and we’d eat them all the time while lying on our stomachs in the living room as we watched cable TV (a rare treat for us back in the day!). Being kids we weren’t always the most concerned about cleanliness and there were many, many times in which the Nerds would spill and seemingly disappear into Grandma Lamping’s incredible thick carpet.

She would often share how she would find random Nerds in the carpet as she vacuumed, even months afterwards. Sometimes we’d even find a little treat when we were back on the floor many months later, Nerds from one of our last visits. It became a running joke that continues to this day. Whoever bought her house is probably still finding those little fruity flavored bits of sugar and wondering how the hell they got there.

Fast forward back to today. As the boys were eating candy at the counter they started goofing off. It wasn’t long before I heard a similar yet different sound… I swear I could hear the Nerds falling through the air like I’d heard before, but they landed on tile, a very different sound than when they hit the carpet. Gavin immediately dropped to his knees and started cleaning up the Nerds that went everywhere. Shortly after they had been cleaned up they were goofing around again and that same sound signaled the fall of more Nerds. This time it was Dominic’s turn to clean up his Nerds.

I’m thinking it will be a lot more difficult for the Nerds to hide with the tile, but I’m pretty sure a few escapees found their way into little nooks and crannies and will magically reappear many months from now. Regardless, I kept smiling when they both dropped the Nerds, it just seemed right that they would spill Nerds on a grandma’s floor. I thought back to the times Nick and I spent at my Grandma’s and my heart was full of childlike joy. Seeing history repeat itself is something that I’m very thankful for today!


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