First things first… Today’s blog was almost “Thankful for Living South of Highway 29” as this was our view once we got up to Ken and Mary’s house this evening… How gross is all that white stuff? And we’re supposed to get a lot more tonight and tomorrow morning.

Once we got to their house Dominic busted out one of his new favorite activities… a Rubik’s Cube. Since we were here for Christmas he’s put a lot of work into learning how to solve it. He’s spent many hours learning to manipulate the cubes. So much so that he now doesn’t care about solving it, he knows that is going to happen. The focus is now on improving his personal best. Right now that’s about 63 seconds.

There’s a video of him completing it that I’ll post later when I have a faster internet connection.

I remember goofing around with one when I was a kid. It seemed like it would be relatively easy to figure out. Twist the blocks for a little while and POOF!!! it’s solved! I quickly learned that wasn’t quite the case! As opposed to taking the time to figure it out I set it aside and just thought about how cool it would be to do sometime.

Seeing Dominic take the time to learn how to make it work and then keep working on it until he’s going crazy fast has me smiling from ear to ear. I’m thankful he gritted it out to master the skill. I’m also thankful for the smile he has as he solves it over and over again in his attempt to set a new personal best. Pretty awesome!


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