Day 548 – Thankful for a Brewers Memory From Over 30 Years Ago

With the combination of the Brewers’ Opening Day and Easter season my mind went back to a memory from three decades ago while I talked with my little brother over the phone today.

Thirty one years ago my little brother, my mom, and I were huddled around our kitchen countertop on Easter Sunday listening to Bob Uecker call the Brewers game (I can’t remember for sure, but I’m thinking Dad was working in the basement?).  By some act of God the Brewers started the season 11-0 that season.

As we listened to the radio the game wasn’t looking so hot.  At the end of eight and a half the Brewers were down by three.  It seemed like the Easter Bunny was going to have to work some magic for us…  and he did!

After all these years I still remember cheering and hooting and hollering when they tied up the game.  When we won on a walk off home run we were even louder!

It’s funny, one game, not that big of a deal.  But it was one of those magic moments that got burned into both of our brains.  Now as we’re a couple of middle aged dudes waiting to see how the Brewers find another way to disappoint us this year we still look back to that game and smile.  How awesome is that?


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