Today’s blog really doesn’t require much writing yet I’m just as thankful for it as I’ve been for the things and experiences I blog about every single day.

While at work I’ve noticed that pretty much everyday I’m in my Winona office I glance up, look at the Christmas gift from Mom, think about Dad, and sometimes talk with him for a moment.

Last week that gave me a great idea. For as much joy as it brings me at work there are other times when his presence would mean a lot to me. Case in point, my workshop. My time up there is often inspired by him and reminds me of him. It only seemed fitting to have a picture of him up there too!

As I thought about which picture there was one that immediately came to mind and just screamed that it was the perfect one. The picture of Dad, my boys, and I in our newly built treehouse was exactly what my workshop needed.

Any time I’m working on a project all I have to do is glance up and I’ll be smiling. Who cares if something broke, a project didn’t go as planned, or if I completely screwed something up… Dad and I will smile about it together.


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