Day 546 – Thankful for Business Life Crossing Into Personal Life

Over the past few days there’ve been some pretty awesome points in which my business life has crossed into my personal life.

A couple of friends of mine have reached out to me for advice in a difficult situations (hence the lack of details). The advice and support I was able to provide came from past business trainings I’ve either attended or presented as well as from experiences I’ve had at work. One situation already went very well and the other should be worked out soon. Being able to help them out has felt awesome, it’s a great joy to be able to help people out who’ve helped me out many times in the past on other things.

What this also has me thankful for is just how different aspects of my career can apply back to personal life as well. From coaching and tough conversations to planning and strategizing it’s pretty cool to see how some of these skills can cross into other aspects of life.

A huge thank you to my friends who’ve reached out for advice recently, please know that being able to offer a couple of nuggets of advice has put a huge smile on my face.


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