Day 545 – Thankful for Three Rocks On My Desk

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll already know that I have a fixation on rocks.  Ever since a young age I’ve found joy in looking at all types of crazy rock formations.  As I was in between a few tasks at work today the three rocks I have at my desk caught my eye a few times and caused me to pause for just a moment.


The rock on the right is a labradorite I got from a rock store while we were on vacation in Whistler.  The way it shines and reflects naturally takes care of my shiny syndrome throughout the day.  It’s pretty crazy how it’s inner layers are cracked and seem to glow from the inside.  In addition to catching my attention it also reminds me of family vacations like the one we were on when I got it.

The rock on the left is from New Zealand.  I can’t remember exactly what type of rock it is, but we found it in a rock store near Cathedral Cove.  It’s a piece of one of my favorite lands, a place I’d be happy to move to one day (or at least live for a few months from January through March).  When that rock catches my eye it reminds me to dream big and to find a way to make that dream come true.

The rock in the middle is my favorite of all the rocks I have.  I found it in Dad’s gravel pit after he passed.  It reminds me of the many times we had so much fun going through the pit in search of beautiful and unusual rocks.  When I look at that rock it reminds me of time with him and time with my boys.  It’s also pretty sweet!  While it’s tough to see from this picture it obviously cracked at one point and was filled in with some type of crystal that sealed the cracks.  There are times when I catch myself just looking at it with wonder.

They aren’t the most exciting things in my office by a long shot, but they are all there for a reason.  The memories they bring back fills my heart with joy, and I’m thankful for that.


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