Day 544 – Thankful for Another Successful Pinewood Derby

Another Pinewood Derby is now behind us and there’s only one more to go.  After next year both boys will be in Boy Scouts and this event will be just a memory.  When I think of it from that perspective I’m a mix of being a little sad that we’re only one race away from being done and the man happy memories of over half a dozen years of racing with the boys.

This year’s event lived right up to the previous years.  Just as I’d done in past year’s I pulled further back in the car building process with Gavin.  Each year he’s taken on more and more of the actual work on the car and this year he did everything except putting the lead in for the weight (which I did for obvious safety reasons).  All the cutting, sanding, painting, axle polishing, and everything was done by Gavin.  While he may have done the work himself it was always both of us together up in the workshop creating memories I’ll hold dear for the rest of my life.  Many times Dominic was up there with us doing his own thing and it was awesome having all three of us working in the shop at the same time.


The event was a great success, fun was had by all the kids.  Each of the boys raced their car at least eight times and they all had fun.  Smiles were everywhere and the there wasn’t a single tear in the room.  The cars they made were pretty awesome!  Even Dominic got in on the action as he worked as one of the race judges.

Gavin may not have won this year, but his smile says otherwise.  He had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting his car put together on his own this year.  Seven years of racing down, only one to go!  I’m thankful it was another successful event for Gavin and all the scouts.


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