Day 533 – Thankful for Stargazing and a Gift in the Background

The skies were perfectly clear this morning while we were on our run and the stars were out. Becky quickly pointed out the constellation Cancer. At one point while we were running a satellite slowly made its way across the sky. Later I noticed a very bright star so I pulled out my StarWalk iPhone app and discovered it was Jupiter. It was awesome to spend time looking up in awe at the wonder of space.

While looking up I was reminded of great times in Scouts when we would just lay on our backs and look up at the stars. We’d take turns pointing out satellites and drawing constellations. Even after all these years I am still struck by that same sense of wonder when looking skyward, and that’s something that I’m very grateful for. My hope is that my boys feel the same way and they continue to pass that on for generations.

Today I did my blog a little different. As I was running this morning I already had part of it semi-written In my head, and as I left the house something else struck me. What caught my attention was a gift I received about nine months ago. I smiled as I saw it, thought of all the ways it’s stuck with me, and started to mentally write this blog about it.

Little did I know that later in the day as I was stuck and trying to think a way out of a difficult spot I thought back to this and smiled… and it brought me strength and support. As I look back now I’m even more thankful for happening to notice that gift out of the corner of my eye this morning.

The funny thing is that this gift is right in our kitchen, right where I put my keys every single day. I can’t help but see it daily and when I notice it I smile. When this gift is in my mind I know that I’ll be okay through any situation. Any challenge in my life I know that I’ll make it through and be stronger because of it.

It was the gift I got from my neighbor Elaine the morning we found out that Dad wasn’t going to make it. She had put this in our door along with an envelope labeled “Donut Money.” That act of kindness brought tears of happiness, memories of love and happiness, and also a reminder that no matter what’s up The Big Guy Upstairs is always right there with me.

That gift is this simple and beautiful sign with a simple and powerful message: “but the Lord stood with me and strengthened me.”

Thank you Elaine so much for such an incredible gift! All these months later it still brings me joy and strength regularly. Thank you!!!


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