Day 534 – Thankful for Brothers Doing What Brothers Do Best

The poor souls who were unfortunate to be in Festival this evening while the boys and I were there heard this very heated debate:

D:  “Cello is better!”

G:  “No, Violin is better!”

D:  “No, Cello is better!”


While I was finishing up supper I heard the following coming from the living room:

D:  “I’m cheering for Kentucky.”

G:  “Why?”

D:  “I picked them in my bracket.”

G:  “I’m cheering for Davidson.”

D:  “Why?”

G:  “So they beat Kentucky.”

And on and on it’s gone, pretty much all night.  Brothers doing what they do best, driving each other bonkers, going out of their way to annoy the other.

The one thing they both agreed on was one thing I totally disagreed with.  Knowing that my brother wouldn’t let me down in this argument I called him up on speakerphone.  Nick didn’t disappoint, he stood with me on this one.  It was another case of brothers doing what they do best, sticking together for each other when someone who’s not their brother disagrees with them.

As I wrapped a couple of things up and came into the living room I saw this:


There they were, doing another thing that brothers do best.  Even though they try to bug, harass, and annoy each other they somehow ended up right near each other on the couch watching the basketball game and getting along like the best friends they are when no one’s watching.


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