Day 532 – Thankful for Becky’s Parent’s Coming Down for Dominic’s Concert

I always have fun watching Dominic play at his concerts, it’s so cool to watch him perform.  Just like each other time I enjoyed watching hm play his cello, watching the way he works the bow, and seeing his head move along with the music.  It’s clear that he enjoys playing.


Tonight was Dominic’s orchestra concert and it was made all the more awesome by Becky’s mom and dad coming down to watch.  Ken and Mary drove a few hours south, had dinner with us, went to see Dominic’s concert, and are now headed back home.  We had a great time with them, talking about upcoming vacations for them, sharing experiences we’ve had, and just joking around.  I love Ken’s sense of humor, we’re sometimes on the same page so much that it’s scary!

The boys had fun seeing Grandma and Grandpa, Becky enjoyed the time with her parents, and I am always thankful for time with my in-laws.  Tonight I’m so thankful that they made the trip down, we all had a blast and had more fun because they joined us.


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